Monday Mix #11

Echo TrainChad VanGaalen
You know a label is doing something right when you check out their bands, merely for the fact that they signed them. Such is my respect for Sub Pop. Unfortunately I didn’t uncover an army of Shins-calibre bands, however I did find a few interesting songs.

It's A Hit - Rilo Kiley
This one’s been sitting in the vault for a while now. They aren’t groundbreaking, but this song’s full of spite which must count for something. I think their standing has been raised by the fact I used to get them confused with Neko Case (don’t ask why) and to be quite honest, Neko just doesn’t do it for me.

All My FriendsFranz Ferdinand (LCD Soundsystem cover)
LCD Soundsystem’s latest album certainly wasn’t my favourite, but I still enjoyed it, especially this song. However it took Franz Ferdinand’s cover to make me realise this. I would have used the original, but it goes for 8 minutes!

Morning LightSparkadia
This is a Sydney band to keep your eye on. They write sensational songs, sung in a seductively smooth style that’s as succulent as it is soothing (ignore the alliteration, it’s all true). They’ve just finished recording their debut album, which should be great, and are currently out on a tour with the cops.

The UnderdogSpoon
I’m not sure what it is about Spoon; they just never seem to make an impression me. Sure they put out some great songs (like this one) and I’ve got plenty of respect for them, but I’ve never been really taken by them.


Anonymous said...

i love that franz cover. maybe even better than the original? i don't know, but it is a great cover.

great blog, keep it up!


kone said...

spoon are a singles band, have good singles but past that i could never get into them either

Allen said...

You nailed it with Spoon. You "want" to like them, but their best stuff (I summon You, The Underdog) just sounds like rehashes of really good garage band/Beatles stuff. Maybe I don't want to like them, but, rather, think I'm supposed to with all the positive buzz.
And LCD's version bores the crap out of me. But Franz's take on it is actually exciting.