Annuals - Be He Me

If anything, this record deserves to be here for its persistence. As bigger records fought and died in a bid to gain my dwindling attention, it stuck around in the background, tapping me on the shoulder, long enough for me to realise that it was actually a REALLY great album. I’d always liked it and was planning to use a song on the site somewhere, but when I went to pick one, I discovered that they were ALL good. Annuals make a calming blend of music, which is then mixed up with some more lively moments as well as a few experimental ventures. It sits well in the background, yet has enough personality to not go unnoticed. Their music is quite simply, nice. That’s not being patronising, it’s being truthful. I highly recommend you look into this album, but if my experience is anything to go by, appreciation may not come immediately.

Bleary-Eyed – This is about as close as these guys come to a single, with the album feeling more like a complete package. I would have listened to this song at least 15 times and only now am I beginning to see it as a standout. It has become a definite favourite.

Dry Clothes – This is a good example of the personality in their music. It’s full of little quirks that help make their music special. In a way it reminds of another little known band, The Evangelicals.

Released: 17/08/07 | Website | Myspace


Wayne said...

I love this record, one of my favourites of 2006. Loved it from the first time I listened to it.

Peter said...

i think i must have some sort of disease when it comes to likeing albums on the first listen