Monday Mix #9

Josephine - Ghostface Killer et. al.
I never thought I'd say this, but this week features a couple of hip hop songs. I like to think I keep an open mind about all types of music, but that's hardly the case. These two songs should go some way towards repairing the horrible image of hip hop I have in my mind.

Hurt Me Soul - Lupe Fiasco
Forgive me for thinking that all hip hop is about prostitues, but thats often the way it can seem. I'm slowly learning to appreciate the way these artists can string words together, but I still think I need there to be a prominent melody for me to enjoy it.

The Spaces Between - Expatriate
At first I found this album rather bland (as if every song used the same verses and just had different choruses), but over time this has changed. Some of those choruses are just so good that I really have to hand it to the band. Simply can't go past this song. Apparently Universal don't like mp3s being given away so this comes to you in wma :)

A New Name - !!!
Let it be known that I hate the name. It's not edgy, it's annoying. I don't think the fact that this song is my favourite is any coincidence......But thankfully these guys are bringing some life into the musical world so I'm willing to forgive them.

Black Magic - Jarvis Cocker
It was such a shame that Jarvis had to play at the same time as The Rapture when he played the V festival. I rushed back to catch the end of his set and found him belting this song out. I was amazing by the intensity and passion with which he played.


Kiley said...

Forgive me for thinking that all hip hop is about prostitues

You mean hos? Hee hee. Lupe Fiasco's fantastic, and I respect the fact that he doesn't rap about the bling, the money, or the women. But I sure miss the old-school beats.

Peter said...

haha. i rest my case

Dan said...

I like the EP version of Spaces Between better than the album one.

But shtill. Good shit.