Monday Mix #12

You Can’t Fool Me DennisMystery Jets
I wouldn’t call myself the biggest fan of the Mystery Jets, but they’re making some decent music which I’m sure some of you out there will appreciate. This song especially seems to stick in my mind.

Night Is Only YoungRand And Holland
Folk has always been a contentious issue for me. Sure I probably prefer more energetic types of music, but I like to think I have some sort of taste when it comes to the softer varieties. I’m certainly finding this Sydney duo pleasing to the ears.

BordersThe Sunshine Underground
Despite being around for a while, The Sunshine Underground are only just beginning to filter through here in Australia. I see a lot of potential, though mind you, that could be potential for let down. Only time will. One thing’s for sure; they’ve caught my attention.

Some Candy TalkingThe Jesus And Mary Chain
For a music ‘journalist’, I sure do know very a little about the seminal bands of years gone by. But don’t worry, I am slowly rectifying this anomaly, one legendary band at a time. Tick The Jesus And Mary Chain off that list.

Fractured SkiesParts & Labour
Seeing as I NEVER liked any of my favourite albums on the first listen, it comes as no surprise that this album, which gave me high hopes to begin with, let me down. However the good news is that there is some salvageable material, most notably, this song.

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melanie said...

did you hear about the jesus & mary chain's reunion performance at coachella in america this year? how scarlett johansson came on and did the female vocals on 'just like candy'? damn celeb groupies. anyways, J&MC are one of my all time favourite bands ever. my favourite song on that album is the hardest walk.. :)