The Polyphonic Spree

When I heard reports that the new Polyphonic Spree album wasn’t very good, I was worried. When I listened to it and found it rather underwhelming, I felt like I had been let down. I had become so emotionally attached to this band that it was devastating to think that they had gone off track. But then I remembered, I NEVER liked them on record! For me, their albums have always played a minor role. Occasionally put on as a means of re-living their live show. OH WHAT AN EXPERIENCE. Seeing The Polyphonic Spree is something that will never escape my memory. It was incredible to say the least. An army of 30 robed musicians, playing intense, uplifting music led by the enigmatic Tim DeLaughter. It’s a recipe that works so ridiculously well. The diverse range of sounds, including flutes, violins and a choir, create a euphoric atmosphere which is topped off by Delaughter’s pure energy. I was mesmerised as he stood, staring out into the distance, arms outstretched. He could have claimed to be the Messiah and I would have believed him. It was that amazing. The Polyphonic Spree are the kind of band that you have to see at least once. After all, how many bands can boast a Wikipedia entry that says, previous members: about 50.

Light & Day (Reach For The Sun) off The Beginning Stages Of….(2002)
Their first album is probably the one I listen to least, but that’s not to say it isn’t good. It’s got quite a few songs that were integral to their live show when I saw them and it introduces a bizarre obsession with the sun, which can be nothing but good.

Two Thousand Places off Together We’re Heavy (2004)
This song will forever be special to me. The memory of it being performed has been so deeply etched into my mind that every time I hear it, I am transformed. It’s quite amusing when it gets played at a party and everyone who shared the experience gets drawn from the crowd and re-enacts this powerful moment, complete with singing and arm movements (much to the bemusement of everyone else). You gotta be GOOD (outstretched). You gotta be STRONG (clenched fists). You gotta be TWO (two fingers) thousand places at ONCE (guess). Now just dance hysterically while doing this and you’ll realise what music is all about.

The Fragile Army (2007)

This is the aforementioned, recently released album. I must stress that IT’S NOT ACTUALLY BAD. It just doesn’t compare to their live performances and that’s plain impossible. It’s got some great songs and I’m sure that as soon as I heard them live, I would fall in love with them. The only problem I have is that they seemed to have darkened their image. Their excessive happiness was one of the best things about them! Black? Short hair? I’m so disappointed by how un-Jesus-like he looks. Who will be my saviour now?!

Running Away – Proof that they're still going strong.

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