Albert hammond Jr. - Yours To Keep

I avoided this album for far too long. I figured all the hype it was getting was more to do with him being a Strokes guitarist than the album itself. After all, it's well known that Julian Casablancas was considerably anal about song writing on their first two albums (and when he did open up, things went slightly off track), so Albert Hammond Jr. didn't really have a history of good music to fall back on. Well perhaps I should have spent less time justifying why this album wasn't worth my time and actually given it a listen. Because it turns out that it is actually well worth a listen. The Strokes similarities are evident, but through this Hammond forges his own style. It's softer, poppier and in general, more light-hearted. In fact it compliments The Strokes rougher sound perfectly. I'm glad Casablancas is so protective of his writing because it has allowed these two alternate musical visions to manifest in different forms. Who knows what a true collaboration would sound like, but I'm happy just to let The Strokes be The Strokes and have Albert Hammond Jr. on the side. This album didn't gain the same status of mainstream Strokes material because to be quite honest, it's not as good. But that doesn't change the fact that this is great music that's perfect for when you're looking to change things up a bit.

In Transit - From the very first time I heard this song, I knew it would end up on this site. It grabs you instantly and more importantly, doesn't lose any appeal after the first few listens.

Everyone Gets A Star - At first this song appears rather bland, but something in the way it's delivered manages to make it one of my favourites

Released: 09/10/07 | Myspace


angus said...

Gat album, always reminds me of summer.

I'm curious to see whether Julian lets Albert sing on the new Strokes material?

Nick Fulton said...

You got it spot on Peter. Brilliant Review.

P.S. Thanks for the tip about fileden

Peter said...

Thanks Nick!

Angus, I'm also curious about that. But as I mentioned before, I'd probably prefer if he didn't. That way we can enjoy both their different sounds

Flora said...

It dissapointed me. I loved it quickly but now it really bored me. I prefer listen First Impression Of Earth, i didn't love it so quickly but i love more each listen.
However, it's cool and Albert Jr Hammond is a great musician, it will great to heard him sing in the next Stroke's album.