Dog Day - Night Group

Biographical information about Dog Day is quite scarce; there isn't even a Wikipedia entry about them. How on earth am I supposed to pretend I'm knowledgable when nobody has neatly laid out the information, ready for me to steal! But alas, I seem to have gathered a rough idea of just who and what Dog Day are. Originating from Canada (apparently from Halifax, though such detail is meaningless to me), they are a four-piece with both sexes equally represented. Their sound, I must admit, is a rather standard indie rock sound. But this does not bring them down because they pull it off rather convincingly and add a lot of personality to their music. The vocals are predominately male, however the female backing vocals also manage to have a considerable impact. They combine excellently with the keyboards to create a continual background presence which certainly helps to flesh out their sound. On my first few times through the album, I had the distinct feeling that I'd heard their songs before. It's a feeling that still plagues me today. Have they borrowed a little too heavily from their contemporaries or did their songs make such an impression on me that they became instantly familiar? I'll probably never know, but whatever the case, there's no doubt that I'm really starting to enjoy this album.

Oh Dead Life - This is probably the most single-worthy song on the album, complete with do-doos. That's not to say it is simplistic or mediocre, quite the opposite in fact. It's the song most likely to grab your attention, as it did mine.

End Of The World - Such pleasant song titles they have.......the vocals to this song have a sort of Placebo feel to them, though I suspect it's other factors, such as the haunting keyboards and powerful guitars that draw me to it.

Released: 22/05/07 | Aus: 14/07/07 | Website | Myspace


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