Monday Mix #14

Heinrich ManoeuvreInterpol
When I heard this song, it got my hopes up for Interpol’s upcoming album. However after listening to the whole thing, I’m saddened to report that it’s the only song that really sticks out. Hopefully time will change this.

Bluejuice are right up there on my list of bands I wanna see live. Their music is a blend of hip-hop and rock, but more importantly I’d say it’s a lot of fun. I’ve heard reports that they’re one of Sydney’s most entertaining acts and listening to this song (and even better, the accompanying video), it’s not hard to believe.

Spirit On The WaterBob Dylan
Despite liking many of his songs, I’ve never really delved into the world of Bob Dylan. In fact this latest album is actually the first one I’ve listened to in its entirety. I’m particularly taken by this song; its calmness is irresistible.

Tonight I Have To Leave ItShout Out Louds
It’s still early days for the Shout Out Louds, but I must admit that my initial, cold opinion is gradually warming. Many of the songs, including this one, have a very lively feel about them, which I’m guessing is what will win me over in the end.

Centre Of The UniverseBuilt To Spill
I don’t whether I should be pleased with or scared by the fact that this site pretty much contains my entire musical life. I’m hard pressed to find a favourite band or song that hasn’t been detailed on these pages in one way or another. However Built To Spill seemed to have slipped through the radar and I certainly can’t have that.

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