Frenzal Rhomb

Recently, whilst passing time on an afternoon car trip, I rediscovered the brilliance that is Frenzal Rhomb. As soon as I heard one of their songs, I was reminded about how important this band was; both to my musical upbringing and Australian music in general. You see, Frenzal Rhomb represent all the values that Australians cherish, yet don’t go parading. We may not be proud of it, but it’s hard to deny that alcohol, violence, profanity and deviance aren’t integral to our history. Well rather than let these values be brushed aside, Frenzal Rhomb have glorified them. The fact that, for the most part, this band is a joke, is irrelevant. They have ensured that a complete picture of Australian culture has been painted. They are the band we had to have. Too often these days, bands are making music with no real purpose behind it. This is fine to an extent, but you need bands that challenge contemporary society. Who create the youthful, rebellious anthems. Bands that parents dread and yobbos adore. You need Frenzal Rhomb.

Punch In The Face – This was my first Frenzal experience and it remains a favourite. Like most of their music, it is fast, loud and straight to the point. Similarly, like most of their music, it is best enjoyed by screaming the lyrics, jumping around and swinging your arms wildly, amongst a group of angry bald men all doing the same.

You Can’t Move Into My House – That first line says it all. Not many bands can express this much hatred for another human being with such elegance. It’s quite beautiful actually.

We’re Going Out Tonight – I remember being so proud of myself because I could recite the lyrics to this song word for word. It’s the perfect example of what Frenzal Rhomb are all about. Getting drunk and causing havoc. Makes sense to me.

Showcasing a mere three songs really does no justice to a band like Frenzal Rhomb. They have a large back catalogue covering all the important topics, from losing a lung due to smoking to getting kicked out of home. All of life’s REAL issues. But on a more serious note, despite being so stupid and funny, most of time, their music is highly addictive and their lyrics clever and insightful. For this reason, they have secured themselves a place in Australia’s musical history as one our best (or, depending on how you look at it, worst) bands ever.


Sumorabbit said...

Man I had forgotten all about these guys....... thanks for the wake up call!

Miss filly said...

Frenzal are the sexxxxxxxxxxxxx =]