Editors - An End Has A Start

It’s hard to write anything about Editors without mentioning the obvious comparisons to Interpol. They have the same dark sound, fuelled by very deep vocals. On their first album, the similarities were a little suspicious, but now that they’ve backed this up with another solid album, I think it’s fair to say that they are a significant band in their own right. While many bands try to reinvent themselves on their sophomore album, Editors have stuck to their tried and true formula and it works great. As soon as I began listening, I was reminded of the old sounds that I enjoyed so much. Yet while the sound was the same, the songs were new and it was enough to feel fresh and interesting. I’m amazed at how quickly this album has entered my consciousness. The songs are well written from start to finish and there’s plenty of variety. To put it simply, this album is a great listen. Fans of Interpol may scoff, but if so, I think you’ll be missing out on a band that will more than likely be to your tastes.

Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors – At the track one, this is the undeniable stand-out. It’s got energy, emotion and best of all, it pays out smokers.

The Racing Rats – Deep vocals and screeching guitars are of Editors specialities. This song’s got both. It’s also got piano. Mmm

Released: 25/06/07 | Website | Myspace

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