We All Have Hooks For Hands

A 9 member, all male band. Now there’s a line up you don’t see everyday. The size alone would be significant enough, but it’s the lack of women that really stands out to me. There’s no denying that the music industry is male dominated. As much as I love pissing off feminists, I’m not going to say it’s justified or for that matter a good thing. But it’s a fact of life and these guys aren’t doing much to help the situation. I actually commend them for not opting for the token female, because it makes for a more relaxed atmosphere, almost ‘blokey’ if you feel like going there. This energetic, party environment translates into a sound that is quite simply brimming with joy. Their music is powerful and moving, but it’s always the happy type. The vocals certainly do a lot to produce this feel. Something about the delivery makes them seem almost amateur-like, as if they have to try extra hard to get them out. But rather than detract from their sound, this additional conviction with which they sing adds to the impact. We All Have Hooks For Hands have a debut album out and despite being rather short, there’s plenty to it. If you like what you hear here, you should definitely consider it.

Music Which Feeds The Guests – What better way to set the mood than with this euphoric little piece. The best thing about large bands is that with every listen you find some little background sound that you didn’t notice before. This is filled with them.

Elvis ‘MF’ Christ – This song gives a good example of the vocal style I was talking about. It’s as if they’re forcing it out (please tell me I’m not imagining it). Originally I found it odd, but now I’ve really warmed to it.

(In regards to the photo above, as one wise commenter put it: mantastic!)

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