(Not Quite Monday) Mix #13

Did You See The Words - Animal Collective
I don’t listen to these guys anywhere near as much as I should. This was made clear to me when I heard this song on the radio recently and realised how much I liked it. They have a sort of primal energy about them and their music simply radiates hyperactivity. What’s not to love about that? They have another album on the way so I’ll be sure to give it a proper listen.

The Magic PositionPatrick Wolf
I don’t know what to think about his guy. I’ve heard some pretty glowing press reports, drawing comparisons to the likes of Bowie, however I find them hard to swallow. I don’t think he’s bad, just not spectacular. I’d put him in the middle somewhere. Enjoyable, but not life changing.

The Crystal CatDan Deacon
I’d have to say the same for Dan Deacon. He got a nice review on Pitchfork, but I just don’t see anything about him that will keep me coming back. Sure his music has it’s moments, otherwise I wouldn’t be featuring it, but in this competitive world, I think it just falls short of the mark. Love this song though.

These Tings Take Time - The Brunettes
Despite our two countries being so closely intertwined, I must admit I listen to very little music from New Zealand. The Brunettes are one of the more successful bands to come out of NZ, currently being signed to Sup Pop and they’ve managed to pierce my consciousness. They make some really nice music, even if every song seems to be about girl / boy interplay. I think I’ll wait for their third album, which arrives this month, before I fully take the plunge into fandom.

Still FondCut Off Your Hands
After all the happy, poppy stuff above, I thought I needed something a bit rougher. Not only do Cut Off Yours Hands fill this void, but they keep the New Zealand theme going. It’s a little paradoxical though, because I like them more now that they’ve smoothed out their sound. Originally I didn’t think much of them, but when I heard this on the radio, it definitely exceeded expectations (pun intended).


Anonymous said...

Re: Patrick Wolf- "I don’t think he’s bad, just not spectacular."

This depresses me incredibly, especially since you're the only Australian blog as yet to even mention him. Have you heard anything from his previous two albums? They each have quite a different sound, and I guess you could say they were life changing for me. Or have you listened to them too, and I'm just grasping at straws?

Nick Fulton said...

Hi Peter,

I posted the new single from the up coming Brunettes album yesterday. I hope you have managed to find some good kiwi music through Einstein...

Anonymous said...

Fetalpig.blospot.om has some of the new Animal Collectie MP3s- the three that hadn't leaked before

clare bear said...

peter pan, animal collective are nuts, they scramble my brain (in the good way..) if you havent heard their session planet claire songs especially the purple bottle version check them out asap.
you're still my fav small hours man. clare.