Lucky Soul

Listening to Lucky Soul has been a rather bizarre experience. As I go through their debut album, I find myself enjoying their melodies and singing along, but their music just doesn’t seem like my thing. For example, if I was scrolling through my ipod (read: superior equivalent), compiling a playlist, I doubt that I’d choose any of their songs. Yet at the same time, I can’t deny that they make some great music! It’s such a ridiculous contradiction that I am at loss to explain it. However, I still wanted to feature them because I am positive that there’ll be people out there who will thoroughly enjoy Lucky Soul. Their music reminds me of that 60s girl group sound, though there’s certainly some other elements, such as jazz, creeping in. The album I’ve been listening to, The Great Unwanted, is interesting because it feels more like a collection of singles than a complete piece. But I guess when those singles are good, there’s nothing really to complain about. You should check out Lucky Soul for yourself because at the moment I’m looking pretty hopeless at offering a definitive verdict.

Add Your Light To Mine Baby – This song kicks off the aforementioned album and I like it more each time I hear it. Can't get enough of those trumpets.

The Towering Inferno – Not that everything above is just a waste of space, but I think this song may just have the potential to make that playlist, just so I could hear that powerful change towards the end.


Joshua Lachkovic said...

I really like this band, and they are going to be great for when it finally gets sunny here in the UK.

read my blog entry on Lucky Soul here

timothy radar said...

We are releasing Lucky Soul's US debut single. Vist for more info, and thanks for supporting such great music.

Estelle said...

Reminds me of Blondie even the look of the Band is similar

Nick said...

lucky soul are so cool - finally real music is back. dont know if anyone has seen their epac??its great and free. I downloaded it at

I hope they tour soon - cant wait!!!
Nick x

Anonymous said...

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