Bird Automatic EP

It's been a long, hard road for Sydney band, Bird Automatic, but they have finally arrived with their debut EP. Intitial impressions (and reactions) suggest that it was worth the effort. I've always liked Bird Automatic's live shows. In fact, the last few times I've seen them, they were incredible. But it's always felt like something was missing. Talking to others, it seemed to be that while their music was enjoyable, it failed to make a lasting impression. The songs didn't stand out enough for you to really remember them the next day. But listening to this EP, things are starting to fall into place. It all comes down to their sound being a rather subtle one. The hooks aren't hitting you in the face, but as you listen more frequently, they start to emerge. There are some great indie tracks here that will keep you coming back. They may not be there yet, but I feel like Bird Automatic are on the brink of something big. Keep an eye on them.



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