Melodia - The Vines

I've had a weird experience with The Vines. It includes getting into them late, loving their first album, missing them live, disliking their third album, seeing them live, liking their third album and much more. I had these experiences chronicled over about three paragraphs before I realised you probably didn't care. What really matters is how this new album stands up. With all the drama and distractions out of the way, many (including myself) were hoping that Melodia might see The Vines return to their true form. Unfortunately this doesn't seem to be the case. Yet.

My initial impressions are similar to those I had about Vision Valley. It just seems like generic new material. It's the same sound, the same vibe, and for that reason I like it, but to be honest, it doesn't offer anything new. Most songs whiz by in two minutes and while this has worked in the past, here they lack the hooks to really make an impact. There is some exceptions though. The slower songs reaffirm my belief that The Vines are capable of making great music. At 6 minutes long, 'True As The Night' is a clear standout and draws me in every time. It's just a little too telling when it's followed by a 2 minute screamer called 'Braindead'.

True As The Night

I'm not counting this album out just yet. I think in time I will definitely come to appreciate it more. While it's not the breakthrough we were hoping for, it's a step in the right direction (except for maybe the album art). Decide for yourself. The album is in stores today.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm in US right now and I want to know where can I find the CD Melodia. Is it in the stores? I went to two defferent places and they don't have it.
Please, help me!


Peter said...

Hey. It should definitely be in stores, its just a matter of finding the right one. Unfortunately, I have no idea what the good stores are in US. I know its for sale at, but otherwise i cant help. Sorry!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!!
I'm going to NYC this week I hope to find the CD there.

^^ Elisa

Adi said...

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Anonymous said...

I got it at

I pretty much agree with this review. Same great sound, just nothing new. Would like to see the band grow.