Deep Sea Arcade

When I first heard Deep Sea Arcade, I was impressed, but felt the Beatles influence was perhaps just a little too obvious. How I came to this conclusion is beyond me. I'm not sure if they've written new material since my first encounter 6 months ago, but listening to them now, a Beatles rip-off band is the last thing I'd use to describe their music. They have a very spaced out sound, slow and subtle in the way it progresses. The echoing vocals and sliding guitars give it nice ambient feel, but at the same time, the melodies really draw you in. In recent months, they've been playing shows all across Sydney and it comes as no surprise that people keep booking them. Their live show is always interesting as lead vocalist, Nic Mckenzie dances about the stage with a slightly eccentric air about him. But what really matters is that the quirky pop songs he's singing are incredibly well written from beginning to end.

Crouch End

Catch them at The Hopetoun Hotel this Saturday.

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