Cut Off Your Hands

Cut Off Your Hands are another band who have been sitting in the back of my consciousness for a while. Hailing from New Zealand, their furious blend of pop music has seen them rise to international fame at great pace. I've always liked their music, but it's never been enough for me to follow them closely. Perhaps it was because I was yet to see them in their element, performing live. Well the other day I got my first chance to see them play and what an interesting experience it was. From the very beginning they were all guns blazing and by this I mean going totally insane. Lead singer, Nick, was jumping of the stage, writhing around the floor, running wherever he found space and even spitting into the crowd (he sure knows how to win fans). And this was all in the first ten minutes! It really was quite an onslaught. But then he either got tired or bored and the rest of the set was played out in a lower (but still insane) gear. It was an ironic reflection of how I feel about their music. Their songs are incredibly catchy, but they lack a certain depth. They are masters of immediacy, grabbing your attention in an instant, but sadly it doesn't last. I think half the problem is that their songs all sound quite similar. Whenever I hear a song in isolation, I think its great. But if I listen to them one after another, they begin to blend together. COYH have plenty of promise, but as it stands, they are a band best enjoyed in short bursts.

Still Fond


Ally said...

oh spitting in people's hair, quite wonderful. i was a bit disappointed with oh girl, which i thought would be the best song by far, but i found the rest really really good. they do sound kind of similar to each other, but that type of music is really what i'm into, so i'm okay with it.

Zohara. said...

meow meow, I'm wearing my COYH shirt right now. I heard that gig didn't live up to the one they came to last year at Spectrum. It was an amazing gig, at least he didn't spit at people..

Anonymous said...

Yesss, it was my hair that twas spat in..
''Why's everyone frowning with discust?"..
"Oh, man! He just spat in the crowd!"
"You mean that wasn't water on my hand and hair?"..


Front and centre.. Not where it's at..
These guy have lost me.

Anonymous said...

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