Songs For Surgery

Songs For Surgery are yet another young Sydney band to emerge in recent months, making up what seems to be a very distinct 'next crop' of local artists. I've only seen them once but it was quite an interesting experience. The first thing I noticed was the number of friends they brought. It was quite an impressive effort for a Monday night. But it was clear that these friends, with their collared shirts and fancy handbags, were the types more likely to be found at a club than an indie establishment such as The Hopetoun Hotel. I'm not judging, I swear..... As you can imagine, I was a little wary when they took to the stage. But I was pleasantly surprised as they launched into a set of edgy rock music that probably went straight over the heads of their friends. This is certainly a band to keep an eye on.


Catch them at The Hopetoun Hotel this Saturday.


Asian Blush. said...

Watch out for those collared clubbing kids (with amazing handbags), they have a high potential to ruin gigs. I see it all the time. Haha funny that you say you werent judging..but by the sound of it "edgy rock music that probably went straight over the heads of their friends" is a tad judgemental.

But don't worry, I have a habit of being judgemental towards people who are friends with the band but clearly aren't part of the scene. Take The Holidays for instance, at their EP launch the room was filled with North Shore girls and guys who looked like they had dressed up for a night at HOME nightclub. The girls got to the front where I was and tried to dance SEXY to The Holidays music, and to top it off they kept elbowing me and bumping into me to show their 'authority'. It was just like highschool. Yes they know the band and yes they were dazzled up losers.

Peter said...

hehehe. how dare they dance sexy to the holidays!! you should have elbowed them back :) one time when i saw paper scissors, there were guys dancing sexy in front us. picture that! i seem to remember a fight breaking out cause everyone was pissed off at them haha

Anonymous said...

Indie kids wear collars too don't they?

Anonymous said...

That Monday night at the Hopetoun sounds very familiar - dare I admit to being one of the fancy handbag carrying friends? One of their less edgy rock tracks (on the demo CD if you happened to pick one up that night Peter) is Boy Boy Boy and it's a permanent fixture in my fancy iPod's playlist.

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