Impressions: Fleet Foxes

Fleet Foxes have been getting plenty of hype of late. They've had Pitchfork reviews, a widely featured album and just about every type of positive press a band could hope for. Well it's taken me a while to work out why. As I played through their self-titled album, I certainly heard potential, but nothing that would incite such universal loving. That was, of course, until I sat down with the song below and gave it a long hard listen. I was finally able to see the true beauty emerge. Strong, layered vocals, weaving in and out of one another, building momentum as they go. Soft, smooth backing vocals, carrying the song with a warm calmness. It just goes to show, that when used right, the voice is music's most powerful tool. I suspect that as I give them more and more attention, Fleet Foxes will find their place amongst the likes of Grizzly Bear and Midlake, with a sound so rich in texture, it blows you away.

Warm Winter Hymnal


Chucky said...

they. kick. ass.

off the EP - 'Mykonos'

off the album - 'Ragged Wood', 'Your Protector', 'Blue Ridge Mountains'

4 songs in my top 20 song of this year

ps - how are ya pete repeat?!

Peter said...

indeed. indeed. it's on my todo list to delve much deeper.

and its good to hear from ya chucky! what email address are you using these days? i've sent something through to your old ones...

GatesyGirl said...

Blue Ridge Mountains is beautiful.