The Seabellies

Who would ever have thought that getting played by the country's only decent national radio station would have any effect on your popularity? Well it's certainly done wonders for The Seabellies. Sure they've played V Festival and won a host of competitions, but it was getting their single, Heart Heart Heart Out, played on Triple J that has catapulted them in to the public eye. It also hasn't hurt that it's a damn good song. Stream it below and experience the full glory of that keyboard riff. If you want to download, you'll have to buy it off iTunes (outrageous!).

Heart Heart Heart Out (iTunes)

Now in the past, The Seabellies have taken a bit of a whack for being a little gimmicky. Personally I loved it when they all busted out into an epic drum solo, but I can certainly see how the effect wouldn't last. Well cynics better pay attention, because things have changed. Instrument swapping has been rationalised and novelty minimised, in favour of a more refined (yet equally powerful) performance. At their headline show last week (which was sold out), I was really amazed by how far they'd come. It was a brilliant set. And they repeated this at The Triple J gig, which was lapped up by punters and influential presenters alike. Dismissing these guys would criminal. They're easily one of the most interesting bands emerge from this country in a long while.


Asian Blush. said...

'Heart Heart Heart Out' is one of the best pop tunes I've heard recently out of Sydney. It sends me into a crazy-girlie-dancing-frenzy (lots of skipping on the spot and happy arms swinging in the air) when I see them live and they play this. What also is intriguing about them is that they play "musical chairs" pretty well on stage, every member plays more than one instrument and they change places in between tracks. When I saw this happening my mouth was open with awe as I viewed how multi-talented they all were!

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