About a year ago, I came across MGMT on a music blog somewhere. The song I heard was Time To Pretend and while I thought it was good, it wasn't enough to make me want more. I seem to remember the reviewer writing them off as a bit off joke band, not being all that serious about their music, and I guess that image just stuck in my head. I certainly didn't expect to hear from them again. That's why it came as such a shock to see posters appearing all over town saying nothing but "Who Is MGMT?". They summed up my thoughts rather well. Who were this band? Clearly they weren't the deadbeats I'd come to think they were.

It's about the same time that they're song, Kids, started making its way onto the radio in a big way. I'm sure it's been floating around for a very long time, but it's only now that I've properly discovered it. All I can say is wow. There's something subtly infectious about this song that really draws me in. The keyboard riff that plays throughout is so simple and yet so effective. And when combined with the drum beat, it makes me wanna move everytime I hear it. I don't know what others think of this track, but I love it.


MGMT also have an album out, Oracular Spectacular, but I don't know if I can recommend it. It's a bit weird and too inconsistent for my liking. Too many tracks remind me of The Scissor Sisters. But that said, it does have its moments and while I personally don't think it's all that great, it's certainly worth a look if you're interested. You can watch the video to their new single, Electric Feel, here. It certainly sets the scene for some of the more bizarre influences in their music.


Ben said...

Thanks, MGMT are awesome! :)

melanie said...

Kids is definitely the stand out track on the album for me. I also stole one of those 'who is MGMT' posters. Hey another 'joke' band I like are The Teenagers, have you given them a go yet? They are offensive and cheesy in a very awesome way.

Michael said...

I think it's a pretty exciting debut album. Though your right about it being a bit all over the place. Kids & Electric Feel (First two singles) stand out.

Peter said...

The Teenagers? Nope not yet. I'll have a look. As for MGMT, they definitely have their moments, but I don't think they have that consistent quality needed to really be great.

The Matt and Dan Show said...

Yeah we agree, having listened to Oracular Spectacular, MGMT do let down in so many areas but Electric Feel/Kids/Time to Pretend are certainly decent tracks. Worryingly though they may be forgotten in a year...

The Matt and Dan Show

GatesyGirl said...

Hey! Gotta say... I saw MGMT for the second time last Friday and they put on a great show. I saw them first when they opened for Of Montreal. They rocked out, talked to the crowd, had great energy, good set. It was also one of the most fun shows I have been to. Great crowd, everyone really into them. Highly recommmend this show!

GatesyGirl said...

Okay.. I hope you read back comments.. I almost think you need a forum going on in this website! But I was just reading about MGMT and they are coming to your neck of the woods in December. Just thought I would let you know! :)

Dec 9 - Hordern Pavilion - Sydney

Dec 11 - Festival Hall - Melbourne

Peter said...

haha a forum would be cool but surely there's already enough of those going around?

yes, they're coming! they were actually scheduled to play a smaller venue but it sold out in seconds so they moved it and more tickets are available. I'm still debating about going. I know a few of the songs would GO OFF, but is the rest good too? Do they even have enough songs for a good headline set?

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