Dappled. Kids.

To be honest, the underage music scene in Sydney is quite pathetic. You see the occasional punk and emo gigs, or perhaps a big international act will play an all ages show, but as far as regular bands go, the ones I'm seeing each and every week, the kids get nothing. On one hand, this is great for us adults, but when you consider that their impressionable young minds are being lost to the likes of Panic At The Disco, it's cause for concern.

That's why this upcoming gig is so good. I couldn't think of a better band than Dappled Cities to win the hearts of our little brothers and sisters and lead them on a path to better musical taste. Not only that, but there's a nice selection of supports too. The Seabellies are great band who I've mentioned many times before, and as for Papa vs Pretty, I couldn't hold a higher regard. Still underage themselves, I'm blown away each time I see them. You can download their new single below, but regardless of what you think of it, you should make every effort to see them live. It's amazing.

Citizen No 1

Also, here's the video to their last track, which demonstrates some of their more electronic influences. At first I wasn't a fan, favouring the more guitar-centered sound of their shows, but this has really grown on me.

For the big kids amongst us, Dappled are also playing a show on June 27 (this friday) at The Annandale Hotel. These are their last shows before they hit the studio to record their third album. After hearing many of these songs previewed at their last show, it certainly seems like something to look forward to. No mp3's at this stage so you'll have to go watch them if you want a taste.


renata said...

I've been following your blog for over 2 years now and I am constantly amazed by the bands you recommend.

Thanks for posting up the papa vs pretty song. Its such a shame I can't stay in Sydney any longer after death cab and see them play on the 22nd :(

Peter said...

Thanks Reneta! It's good to know you've stuck around so long :)

It is indeed a shame that you'll miss Papa vs Pretty, but at least you get to see Death Cab. I'm jealous! Where are you from, if not Sydney? Maybe one day they'll go on a tour soon. I know if I was in a big band I'd take them with me.

Renata said...

Im a Melbourne girl :) There was no way that i was missing out on Death Cab tickets - its the second time that i've been able to follow their music around!

Peter said...

I didn't even realise they were coming. Now it's sold out :(

Surely they're playing in Melbourne right? Did you miss out or just super keen and wanna see them twice?

I really should look into more Melbourne music. Know of any good Melbourne blogs or have any bands to recommend? I might be making the trek down later this month :)

Renata said...

Yeah, they're playing in Melbourne too. Snapped up tickets to that!

They're my favourite band so I followed them around 4 states with some friends last time they came around too, haha.

If you haven't had the chance check out World's End Press and Big Cats. They both are on myspace somewhere. Let me know what you think :)

Are you coming down to Melbourne for gigs or to just chill out?