Youth Group: New album

Today sees the release of Youth Group's fourth album, The Night Is Ours. You can hear the entire thing over at their myspace page, but get in quick because it probably won't last. The first single taken from it, Two Sides, is a brilliant track and a great way to kick off the new album. After a few spins, I'd say the rest isn't quite at that same high standard, but it certainly comes together to form a solid album. In time, it will only get better.

Youth Group are in the interesting position of being indie favourites who happened to make it big (courtesy of The O.C.). But whichever crowd you belong to, you shouldn't be dismissing this band. Their powerful song-writing, combined with Toby Martin's rich vocals make for some very moving music. I recently saw them perform the track which will likely become their next single, All This Will Pass. Despite being without a drummer, it demonstrated their live energy and added an extra bit of meaning to this song. If you're in Sydney or Melbourne, definitely try to catch them when they come through in late July.

All This Will Pass

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