Another Sydney band which has me quite excited at the moment is theredsunband. I never really got into them around the release of their last album (Peapod), but listening back, I can't any good reason see why. Perhaps the punctuation of their name annoyed me. Whatever the case, the album is quite enjoyable and definitely worth a listen if you can still find it.

Sleep Forever

However, it's their new stuff that is grabbing me on a whole new level. It all began at the Laneway Festival, when I decided to end my night on quiet note by seeing them at the Basement stage. It was a great atmosphere and despite not knowing many of their songs, I thoroughly enjoyed it. There's something haunting about Sarah Kelly's vocals. One moment they feel warm and inviting, the next hoarse from desperation. It combines well with the band's distorted guitar/organ sound to create a very dark atmosphere. I couldn't really tell if it was new stuff they were playing, but the first two singles certainly suggest that their upcoming album is one to look forward to. I've already mentioned Like An Arrow, but this new one is just as promising.

The Eagle

Their new album, "The Shiralee", will be out on June 14th. They'll also be doing a mini tour at the end of the month.


david said...

wow a very comprehensive list of sydney music you got here. thanks heaps its going to keep me busy for agesss

theredsunband are awesome live and the new album is a natural progression from the slower debut. great stuff

Peter said...

thanks mate, glad you found something you liked. evidently you have excellent tastes!

Anonymous said...

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