Sunny Day Sets Fire - Summer Palace

There are two things in life that just never seem to happen.

a) I never like an album the first time I hear it. I seem to operate on familiarity. I need to get to know the songs before I can decide whether I like them or not.

b) I never like any of the music that gets sent to me in the countless promo emails I receive. Granted, I don't actually listen to 90% of it, but I've almost given up hope. Something about being told something is good mustn't sit right.

That's why this album is so weird. I got an email, saw the word indie-pop, saw the word full stream and thought to myself "yeah, why not eh?". What ensued was one of the best first-time listens I've had in a good while. Something about Sunny Day Sets Fire's music must have been quite engaging, because it left quite an impression. I've already forgotten what it sounded like but I remember it was good! I'm avoiding the second listen, not just because I had to share this momentous occasion immediately, but also because I don't want to ruin the image. Is it really a great album or am I imagining things........

Stream it for yourself here.

Or for the downloading types, here's an mp3 for your consumption:


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