Basics Giveaway

One band that has me very excited at the moment is The Basics. Their style is one that harks back to the glory days of The Beatles and RnB (you know, RHYTHM and BLUES), so as you can imagine, their music is a treat. You can catch them in Sydney tonight, Brisbane tomorrow and Melbourne on thursday in support of their upcoming album, Stand Out/Fit In, which comes out early May. To celebrate its release, I have three copies to give away. But of course, if you want one, you're gonna have to work for it.

My challenge to you is to write a spoof piece for this website. I'm quite aware that my writing style is far from professional and will often follow predictable patterns, so I want you to make as much fun of it as possible! Thats right, pick a band/album/song to review and let rip! Excessive exaggeration is encouraged! Those who make me laugh most will have the album sent to their doorstep. Don't be afraid to enter, you can always hide your true identity if you wish! Send your entries to I will send a short reply to verify it was received.

Note: Unfortunately CD's can only be sent within Australia, but if you live overseas, enter anyway (I'm sure I could work something out for you)

You have 10 days. Entries close 9pm May 5th. Good Luck!


Simon said...

so when you say spoof you mean mocking your writing, or mocking a band, or using excessive hyperbole for comical effect or what?

it's kinda unclear.

or do you mean write a funny article and you will publish it.

Peter said...

Hey, sorry for the ambiguity. Basically, my friends often joke about how I say things like "this band is so incredible" and use descriptions such as "catchy" and "unique" to describe every single band. Well it's hard to keep changing things up you know! So my challenge to everyone is to have a go themselves. However to make it fun, the catch is that you have to try and mimic what I'm accused of doing. Here's one of the entries I received to give you an idea:

Prepare to be blown away! In my infinite wisdom, I have peered into the future and discovered the next big thing in the music world! They're called The Strokes and I swear I found them first! Don't be disappointed at your complete inability to find new music for yourself, just be thankful that you have a taste-maker such as myself to open your eyes in times of need. These guys use singing, guitars and plenty of other sounds which I'm gonna classify as obscure cause I have no idea what they are, to create music that is unlike anything you've ever heard before! They just released a debut album, which I'm not going to buy so i I think you should!

Thanks to this person....

Making sense now? I won't be publishing them (except for the lucky person above) so don't worry in this regard. It's all just about having a bit of fun! I encourage you to have a go cause I've only received a couple of entries so far so you've got a really good chance. This is exactly why I did it this way. Rather than doing something easy like submitting your name, those who genuinely want it have a better chance because it takes a little effort. Good luck!

Peter said...

Competition is over, winners will receive there prizes soon. Thanks to everyone who entered!

Here's another winning entry. The author was very eager to have it put up. Enjoy

I found this band the same way I find every other band on this site, by reading other people’s blogs and getting onto bit torrent. I hadn’t heard any of their stuff before but after listening to this album I was pleased to discover that I’d be able to turn the quasi-academic babble I read on pitchfork into something more populist. The various beats on the album were definitely a stand out, because being able to count is perhaps the only thing I have in common with people who can actually play instruments. Blah blah blah, another joke, blah, blah. When wondering what to write about this band I realised that in all honesty, I probably like writing more than music. So I decided I would write something about not knowing what to write instead of actually writing anything. This album definitely gets better as it gets older, I’d even say that it’s grown on me but I’ve got a higher school certificate and enough sense not to be that cliché. Although with the amount of fucking music I download, I’m not even sure which album I’m listening to now, let alone reviewing at the moment.

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