Field Music - Tones Of Town

I am completely baffled by this band. I had always thought they held some sort of connection to Maximo Park and Futureheads, but as began to research them, I couldn't find a shred of information that suggested it. I was just about to post about how I'd completely lost the plot when I stumbled accross a lone source confirming my suspicions. I hadn't imagined it! But while Field Music may indeed contain past and present members from those bands, their sound is completely different. For those who are unfamiliar with them, Field Music play a very experimental form of pop music. They use plenty of vocal harmonies (and disharmonies), abrupt tempo changes and wacky instruments to create a sound that is as bold as it is pleasant to listen to. Tones of Town is a definite step forward from their self-titled debut. Sure it had its moments, but ultimately it felt more like a collection of good ideas rather than actual songs. With this album they have corrected this problem and really defined their sound. I know I should stop saying this, but you should check these guys out becuase Field Music are unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. Honestly!

Working To Work – I’m amazed at how bare their music sounds at times. The silent moments are almost haunting as the band proceeds to weave their minimalist pop-brilliance around them.

Place Yourself – I had no idea Field Music were capable of such conservatism. The soothingness of this song is plentiful.

Released: 13/2/07 Aus: 24/2/07 | Website | Myspace


Anonymous said...

you're right about the connections. peter of field music was the original futureheads drummer. and tom from maximo park was the original field music drummer! he still occasionally joins field music in concert for percussion/guest appearances.

Anonymous said...

this is totally out of conversation, but i can't wait till essential!!!!!!!