Monday Mix #1

Chameleon GirlDappled Cities Fly
Here’s a little treat for all the Dappled fans out there. It was one of their first singles and is vastly different to their current style. It’s actually quite good, but I can’t help but laugh every time I hear it. Be sure to heckle them to play it next time you see them.

I Don’t Need Love, I’ve Got My BandThe Radio Dept.
This is just one of those random songs I have sitting around on my computer that I keep coming back to. I know nothing about the band and on the merits of this song, should probably check out more of their stuff. But of course, I am one very lazy human being, so the chances are that will never happen.

Jellybones - The Unicorns
I thought it was about time some respect was paid to a less appreciated masterpiece by arguably the decade’s most unique band. It’s so painful that I never got to see them live.

Rape MeRichard Cheese
No party should go by without this song being played. I’m certain this was the sound Kurt Cobain had in mind when he wrote these lyrics.

Our VelocityMaximo Park
It appears that in the ‘learned’ music community, Maximo Park and their contemporaries are often looked down upon for their simplistic style. Well I find their music fun and energetic, so pretty much couldn’t care less. Besides, it won’t be long before other artists start to realise that the easiest way to rhyme is just to use the same word. Genius!


Mel :) said...

I LOVE The Radio Dept.! I only own their album 'Pet Grief' but I listen to it on repeat enough to say I'm a big fan. I think they're Swedish or from around that region. That is all.

chucky sandwiches said...

i saw the unicorns when they came out here a year or 2 back.
i gave one of the lead dudes (julian? or something) a permanent marker to sign my tshirt.
he just wrote 'ASSHOLE' with an arrow pointing to my head.

oh, and i have never seen a more tense set in my life. they broke up 2 weeks later.

Peter said...

haha that's hilarious. you should feel proud that you were a part of history...even if it may not have been in the most ideal way.