Monday Mix #4

Heart It Races - Architecture In Helsinki
This is the brand new single from everybody’s favourite glockenspiel loonies, Architecture In Helsinki. It will come as a bit of a shock to long time fans (I hated it at first), but it really starts to grow. They’ll be playing some shows in Australia soon so don’t miss out!

Four WindsBright Eyes
While I’d heard of them, I hadn’t actually listened to Bright Eyes before their latest album, Cassadaga. It definitely brought back memories of The Thrills, but didn’t really convert me. This song was the stand out and is very impressive.

Poupeé de Cire, Poupeé de Son - Belle & Sebastian
This comes courtesy of my obsessive Belle & Sebastian phase. Not only did I get every album, EP and B-side, but also every live cover they ever did. This was definitely one of the best. Isobel why did you leave!!!?

Small TalkThe Ponys
The Pony’s album didn’t really grab me, but it did have its moments (such as this).

Brother In Conflict - Voxtrot
Voxtrot’s debut album arrives May 22. Get Excited!


Matthew said...

New Architecture in Helsinki? Thanks a lot for that one. It took me ages to get into their first anyway, so I'll take your tip and not rush this one either.

kone said...

i definately agree about the new architecture, i heard it about 2 weeks ago on their myspace, and was quite unmoved. Reading the comments people made about it driving them to dancing i was astonished. BUT then, driving it came onto the radio and i found myself jive-ing and getting into it. Great example of a "grower"

Mam'zelle Lulu said...

So funny to listen to that B&S cover ! :)
Do you know that this song was written in 1965 by Serge Gainsbourg for France Gall ? This is a quite old song ! This is the first time I listen to this version.

(And I don't want to seem rude, but you made a little mistake : it is poupée and not poupeé.)

Peter said...

Hahaha how silly of me! You'll have to pardon my French...I gave up on about my third lesson. I'm glad you liked it. I'll definitely have to listen to the original sometime.

Sean said...

The Thrills???????

And man, I was SO looking forward to the Voxtrot record as I loved loved LOVED all three EPs, but the record is quite dull. :(

As for AiH....TOTALLY a grower. I didn't like it much at first either but now i'm diggin it.

oscar said...

Yes! My Belle nagging came to use! Anyway, the France Gall version is the best

Anonymous said...

Bright Eyes... is a "he"... Conor Oberst. Not a band. FYI.

Peter said...

I was aware that he was the man behind the music, but I just assumed he was the key figure in a band, rather than it being a solo project. I'll have to check up on that. Then again, solo projects these days are rarely ever truly solo, so it will always be ambiguous

Sean: Haha yes, The Thrills! Can't you see it? Not sure who's influenced by who for Voxtrot, I beg to differ. It's not perfect but its got plenty of charm