Back To Business

The holiday (if you could call it that) is now over and I'm about to start doing new posts again. If you're amongst the many hungry Hype Machine readers that found their way here over the last month, than I welcome you and hope that you continue to enjoy this site. Posts aren't quite as regular as they have been, but that's because I am just one person with a very busy schedule. For those long time followers out there, you'll be interested to hear that I'll be taking this opportunity to mix things up a bit. Despite continuing to live my life through albums, I'll be restricting myself to just one album review a week. On top of this I'll be doing a weekly mix, not too dissimilar from what you've been seeing this month, with 5 songs and a short word on each. These songs will mostly be stuff I enjoy that isn't attached to a revieworthy album, but will also consist of covers, b-sides, live tracks and any other obscure tracks that I can find. Basically it's way of allowing me to get as much of my favourite music out there in as little space as possible. On top of those two, I will also do at least one more post a week, which could range from band profiles to live reviews to gig guides and even to election coverage should it seem appropriate. I just figured it was about time I diversified my portfolio. Hopefully you enjoy what you find and be sure to look out for my review of Modest Mouse's new album this Tuesday.


kone said...

looking forward to it all, sounds brilliant. keep up the hard and top quality work and we'll keep reading and enjoying

Peter said...

cheers mate