Silverchair - Young Modern

Silverchair. I don’t know where to start. I’ve been following them since I was 9 and over that time the relationship has definitely had its ups and downs. As an avid fan of their first two albums, I was rather disappointed when Neon Ballroom was released. By comparison, I found it rather wanky. The same went for Diorama. However as time passed, I came to realise that while these albums were different from what originally brought me to the band, they were special in they’re own way. Well after a significant break and plenty of uncertainty, Silverchair have returned with a brand new album that marks the next step in their continuing evolution. The question is, did we need ANOTHER new Silverchair sound?

The answer is a resounding maybe. I’ve built up enough respect for Daniel Johns over the years not to dismiss this album, but I can’t help but I think he’s really outwanked himself this time around. I’m confident that this feeling is largely brought on by the shock of the vastly different sound, but in all honesty, if another band had released this, I wouldn’t been caught dead listening to it. Though it’s difficult to pigeon-hole any of Silverchair’s albums, this would definitely be Johns’ poppiest effort to date. He finally seems to have overcome whatever demons were troubling him and it’s reflected in this album, which emerges as bold and energetic. The decision of whether or not to buy this album ultimately lies in how you responded to their last two albums. If you enjoyed in one way or another, you’ll probably enjoy this too. It may not feel like a Silverchair album at first, but it should get there eventually. I hope.

Straight Lines – I’m surprised that no one I talk to actually likes this song. I mean sure it’s a little gay but it’s not THAT bad. Is it being flogged on radio or something? I wouldn’t know as I rarely listen. Anyway, I’ve liked it ever since I saw them live and it was the only new song that grabbed me. So for that, I’m gonna stick by it.

Waiting All Day – One interesting aspect of this album is that at times it sounds a lot like The Sleepy Jackson. This certainly isn’t anything to complain about.

Released 31/03/07 | Website | Myspace


j said...

i haven't been to your blog in ages and i just randomly thought about it 5 minutes ago. so i thought i'd visit like in the old days
silverchair post today - what a coincidence
but really i think it could have been much better
interesting to see you chose "waiting all day" to put here. its daniel's favourite song from the album. also co written by julian hamilton from the presets... he co wrote 4 songs from young modern. prob deserves a mention here somewhere

bent line said...

silverchair. 5 no.# 1 albums. it aint a fluke surely.
paul mac, nick launay, van dyke parkes and luke steele also help out on the new record.
plus he's dead hot these days!

Peter said...

took me a while to realise why it would be a coincidence but then the j clicked. you'd think anything that puts silverchair down could be done better. but other than that i hope everything's to your liking. julian hamilton probably does deserve a mention and thanks to you, he got one.

i totally agree that their success is no fluke. as far as musicians go, daniel johns is right up there on my list. it's just that his later works take a while to grow on me. i really enjoy neon ballroom these days but i actually sold it not long after getting it (incidently to the first commenter) because i was so disappointed by it. as for diorama, i consider some of the songs as nothing short of masterpieces, yet this realisation didn't come till years after its release. so for me to say i really liked young modern would be a lie. i do however have the faith that it will eventually reach its potential. but despite having respect for the newer i will always stand by my belief that the old stuff is better live. freak. wow.

just a side note to do with the #1's....i wonder who silverchair's fans are these days. Are they long time supporters or people who've been attracted by the new sound? Cause theirs no doubt that they're mighty popular.....

mark said...

a number one or platinum record is determined by the amount of units sold out of the warehouse not the amount sold in stores. this is how aus idol contestants become so successful. whilst in silverchairs case there first few albums definitely desrved there no.1 but now like themselves and other bands like u2 or chilli peppers the issue of whether the record is good or not isnt really a concern. people presume it to be good and therefore the albums debut at no.1 because the warehouses load the cd stores with them. and if somehing debuts at no.1 it makes the consumer think the albums incredibly good and basically induces a sale to them.

julia said...

In response to Pete's post, and question, "WHO ARE THE FANS THESE DAYS?"

You're actually very right in what you've said. I bet the Frogstom era fans are throwing themselves in front of buses at this point. I definitely think the new fans are attracted to the new sound.

Diorama had reeled me in. Then I worked backwards and learned to respect the original sound and Dan's brilliance. But untimately, I was always a Neon Ballroom and Diorama fanatic.

In between, I became a Dissociatives fan, and ICBINR fan and Paul Mac fan as well. Always had leanings to the experimental, so it satisfied that craving for me during the wait.

Young Modern has me confused. It's almost like the album tries to please everyone who has ever been a chair fan.. I hear the roots somewhere in there, the experimental, and the theatrical/orchestral that came about later. It seemed a bit schizophrenic to me.

Strangely, it grows on you. You try to resist liking it, but if you listen and pay attention, you realize that Dan is a mad genius. The writing is brilliant all in itself. The chaos starts to make sense.

So far, I have "Low," "WAiting All Day," "If you keep losing sleep," and "Mindreader," on repeat. So you can see where my loyalties lie.


Peter said...

mark I dare say there's some truth to your conspiracy.

julia, it's interesting that we've come from completely opposite backgrounds and ended up at pretty much the same point. I'd actually never heard of ICBINR (I can't beleive its not rock) so I'll have to look into it. As for the confusion in their music, i think it should be left at the fact that daniel johns is indeed a mad genius and we just have to do our best at pretending we know what's going on

Benjamin Solah said...

Each album is a new sound in its own. I love that about Silverchair and Diorama and Young Modern has that alternative style that really inspires you.

julia said...

well said, peter ;)

Anonymous said...

yeah, Straight Lines is all over commercial radio and has been #1 on the charts for quite a few weeks!

Anonymous said...

If you are a Silverchair fan from the 'Frogstomp' days you will find this absolutely different. But if you've grown to like Silverchair from say 'Diorama' and if you listen with an open mind this album is a must have! It has all the right elements for Best Rock Album of the Year, the highest credit a band could ever receive in the rock music world! It did take me a couple of listens to appreciate but these guys have done it this time!

The intricate compositions, complex song structures, orchestral arrangements, production and mixing, insightful lyrics and the wonderful first single "Straight Lines" make this album complete in every sense. Lyrics such as "Hi-jack the hurt, I feel so low" is just an example of how Daniel and the band have matured over the years, from the rebellious sounds of Frogstomp (although one of my all-time favorites is "Tomorrow").

This is an amazing masterpiece and I would definitely be surprised if it doesn't make it to the Grammies next year. It is time for a change from Foo Fighters or Red Hot Chilli Peppers or U2 to win the Best Rock Album, the time is now for Silverchair to get their due recognition! Please help take this album to the Grammies, help keep true 'MUSIC' alive.

chairlover said...

In my opinion, Young Modern is their greatest album to date. It's the only Chairs album that I love entirely; there's not a song on it I don't like. A lot of people are surprised at how "different" it is, but I see it as a logical next step for them. It's easy to see how they got to Young Modern if you're familiar w/Diorama and The Dissociatives. It makes sense to me. And there's no other music out there like it. Daniel never ceases to amaze!!! Mad genius indeed.
I loved the first couple albums when I was a teenager, but obviously, my tastes have changed and matured since then. The Chairs have grown up right along with me.

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