Belles Will Ring

Belles Will Ring’s rise to success has all happened so quickly that it feels like a blur. It feels like just yesterday that they were a promising, up and coming band, beginning to turn heads. Their warm, dreamy, rock music grabbed me early and I became familiar with their work through their demo releases. Whenever I saw them live, I was always impressed by the precision with which they played and the energetic atmosphere they created. Now all of a sudden, they have thrust their debut album upon the world. This is quite significant, because for me, the album is the true test for a band. If they release something mediocre here, they stand little chance in the future. With Mood Patterns, Belles Will Ring have passed the test. I may have heard most of these songs before, but now they’ve been brought together to form a complete package, an impressive one at that. The songs blend together seamlessly and by the end of it, you’re perfectly happy to let it play right through again. Belles Will Ring have well and truly arrived.

It’s Only Good Bye – This is one of the songs off their very first demo and it remains a favourite to this day

Park Benches – This one’s a little more upbeat and goes great live.

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betty said...

i like this post. park benches is a great song