Monday Mix #3

A Line You Can Cross - Lansing-Dreiden
These guys have a really good album, The Dividing Island, which I highly recommend. Their sound is epic psychodelic rock mixed with a little electronica. Weird.

This Sentence Will Ruin / Save Your Life - Born Ruffians
The reason for posting this song is as much about telling you about a great song as it is about reminding myself to look into these guys. Exciting stuff. Props go to The Sandwich club for putting me onto them

Heat Dies Down - Kaiser Chiefs
I'm not really a Kaiser Chiefs fan, but I was actually quite impressed by their latest album. It’s no masterpiece, but it’s a heap of fun

In The Aeroplane Over The Sea - Neutral Milk Hotel
I figured it was about time I honoured this great band. They eluded me for many years but thankfully I found them eventually. Something about their music just manages to pierce right through me.

Ended It Tonight - Teenagers In Tokyo
Teenagers in Tokyo are a female 5-piece from Sydney that are simply oozing with style. Oh, and apparently they make music too! Anyone going to the Essential Festival this Wednesday should consider checking them out.


MRD said...

Wow, I enjoyed so much in this post (and this blog, now that I found it). Thanks alot for doing it, man. You made an album sale for some of these artists.

Peter said...

I enjoyed so much in this comment, especially the album sale part. I may be able to use it in court one day. Keep reading cause I'm gonna try extra hard just for you! Thanks

Wayne said...

I have been loving that Born Ruffians for quite a while now; and Neutral Milk Hotel can never be bettered in my opinion

Anonymous said...

i thought teenagers had a male drummer now?zwacat

Peter said...

it's true. the drummer is male. but that wouldn't have made for a nice succinct comment, would it?

Anonymous said...

haha true. how does the new drummer live up to the teens? was he at essential festival?

Peter said...

yeah he was there. fitted in pretty well. you're too busy watching the antics of the two vocalists that you barely notice him

find me here: said...

Are Teenagers recording at the moment? I'm so excited for that!

Anonymous said...

i saw teenagers with the ghosts at the midnight juggers show.
i thought they were great! and that new drummer can really play! is his real name rudy??