The Fratellis

The Fratellis are the latest UK indie rock band to have their music lapped up by the masses worldwide. Their debut album, Costello Music, was released in September 2006 and huge success followed. They did iPod ads, won music awards and had their music broadcast all over the world. So why am I only just finding out about them? Why am I so out of the loop on this one? Most importantly, since when did my little sister start introducing ME to bands? The Fratellis are at the stage where I’m supposed to publicly denounce them and claim that I knew them first. Looks like I’ll just have to swallow my pride and join the crowd. Their music succeeds by being so fundamentally sound. You’ll think you’ve heard all these riffs before, but the truth is that you SHOULD have heard them before. They draw from such elementary pop principles that it’s surprising these songs weren’t thought of earlier. Sure their influences can be obvious at times, (one song is suspiciously Libertines-y) but ultimately their sound is original. I’d actually planned to just use one song of theirs, but when I returned to the album, I came to realise that the whole thing was good. I’ll probably forget about them in a month, but for the moment they’ve got my full attention. I just have a soft spot when it comes to catchy music (so much for being a hardened music critic). If you too have been ignorant, I am proud to announce that The Fratellis very much exist and their music is well worth a listen.

Flathead – Soft then loud – so obvious. Bada ba badadadada chorus – so simple. And yet I’m loving it.

For The Girl – OK so this ones a little a silly, but it’s all in good fun.


melanie said...

Peter man have you heard about that Rage competition? Program Rage with your fav 20 film clips! Details here:

I'm entering!

Anonymous said...

hello brother,
i didn't think that when i read this it would include me in it. Gabe told me about them first then i told you but still i'm proud that i got the mention.

Peter said...

To be honest, I've never been a rage or video clip person. I'd picking songs rather than videos. Besides, i tend to take the pessimistic view that my chances are so slim, it's not worth spending the time. Good luck with it though!