Monday Mix #2

Take Pills - Panda Bear
This comes off Panda Bear's brand new album, Person Pitch, which is a spectacle to say the least. The style is similar to Animal Collective's though I would say it's more powerful, tribal even. If you're a fan of either of these band's previous work, you will undoubtedly find plenty to enjoy here. This song may take a while to get started, but the second half is sublime.

We Built A Raft And Floated - The Shins
Is there anything this band can do wrong? Even their old EPs and B-sides sound great. How cool is that weird sound!? I've really gotta find out what instrument it is.

Dance With Me (Lords of the New Church) - Nouvelle Vague
For those who don't know, Nouvelle Vague play Bossa Nova style covers of 80's New Wave. Most of the album is just a joke, but this is one song that really stuck with me

In A Minute - Bird Automatic
Bird Automatic are an up and coming Sydney band that show plenty of promise. They played the Playground Weekender festival and are beginning to make a name for themselves. I'm really looking forward to seeing what they'll come up with in the future

Technology - The Whigs
Thanks goes to Ivy League records for putting me onto this band. In fact it's one of the few times I've been sent something that I really liked. I'd classify their sound as somewhere between The Kooks and US counterparts, The Strokes. It's nothing groundbreaking, but well worth a look.


Dinah said...

I'm loving your site, great music and writeups, great work!

Peter said...


Marmalade said...

That Panda Bear song was something else. Reminds me of what might have happened to the Langley Schools Music Project children when they grew up.

Thanks for sharing, dude.

Peter said...

mmm, sharing what wasn't mine. anytime!

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