Get With The Times

This feature involved reusing old material of mine. To find out more, click here.

After 10 weeks, I was finding the search for 5 new songs rather taxing and decided to turn my attention to the vast array of excellent songs from years gone by. And so Get With The Times was born; a new podcast with an equally stupid name. I decided to divide this series into decades, doing a different one each week.

I was under the impression that because I really liked The Beatles, I had an above average knowledge of older music. I quickly discovered that this wasn’t the case and ended up learning as much from this series as I hoped my readers would. Looking back, it’s actually not too bad with band and song choices being fairly decent. That said, there’s plenty of glaring omissions and if I was to do it today, it would probably be very different. Again, if I said something stupid, don’t hesitate to point it out.


Episode 6 - Rock AND Roll


Episode 1 - Bigger Better Boy Bands BEATLES
Episode 7 - Definitive Compilations
Episode 12 - Of Forrest Fame
Episode 17 - Unloved Gold


Episode 2 - Rebellious Punks
Episode 8 - Legendary Weirdos
Episode 13 - Tough As Nuts
Episode 18 - Abstract Happiness


Episode 3 - The Dark Ages
Episode 9 - 24 Hour Party People
Episode 14 - The Serious Performers
Episode 19 - Early Bloomers


Episode 4 - Second Coming
Episode 10 - Made In Australia
Episode 15 - Heavyweights
Episode 20 - Second-Hand Talent


Episode 5 - Mass Murderers
Episode 11 - Catalysts For Collections
Episode 16 - Festival of Talent
Episode 21 - Good Riddance

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