24 Hour Party People (80's)

This is the music only the 80s could produce. Synthesizing goodness you just can’t help but dance to. These are some of my favourite ‘new wave’, ‘synthpop’, or ‘whatever you want classify them as’ songs, some of them new-found, others always loved. They are songs you can put on at any occasion and they’ll be universally loved. Sitting here writing this, I can’t keep still, they’re that infectious. Those familiar with songs, sit back and enjoy, those new to them, welcome to the 80s.

Bizarre Love Triangle - New Order
The band that spawned out of Joy Division, who nobody gave a chance of success, yet went onto create a new brand of music, making them bigger than they’re predecessor ever managed. Yes it’s New Order, the early pioneers and kings of electronic dance music. This song is a great example of such music, damn pleasant to listen to.

Take On Me - Aha
One of the first 80s pop songs I fell in love with, it will always be special. Such a simple yet uplifting song, I just love listening to it. The band, a-ha to be precise, were launched with this song and it’s undoubtedly their best, though apparently they had more. Another attribute of this song is its very different film clip, which while I’m yet to see it, the creators of Family Guy with their excellent taste in music, were kind enough to give me a preview.

Forever Young - Alphaville
I very much am a fan of Napoleon Dynamite, to where I came upon on this song. I am SO disappointed that Youth Group had to cover it, tarnishing its underground reputation. I can’t be seen liking OC music. Thankfully the original is superior in a number of ways, namely its deviation from the formula. And so I can continue liking it, making sure people know which version my allegiance lies with. Song-wise this is the slowest of the lot, very soothing, sung by a great 80s voice.

Anyway You Want It - Journey
The intro of this song alone could get any party started. Referred to as a power ballad, it’s really is invigorating. Journey were a rather prominent and popular group in the 80s. Especially great about them is lead singer, Steve Perry’s voice, compelling you to sing along

Tainted Love - Soft Cell
Owning Soft Cell’s greatest hits CD, I can pretty confidently say they were one hit wonders. But that being said, they’re hit, Tainted Love, is one of the most famous and loved songs of the 80s. No disco is complete without it. I’m trying to think what makes it so attractive and I’d have to say it’s a combination of catchy music and involvement of the listener who again, feels the need to sing along.

This was written February 15, 2006. What? Why?

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