Freakin' Wolf References

This episode is a bit bigger than previous ones but due to it's length I had to choose between size and quality. I'm currently trying to throw together a playlist for Triple J's Aus-Music Month so I didn't have TOO much time to go looking for songs. So a couple of these songs are ones I picked for that. Also this week there's a couple of songs which are in no way new but I thought perhaps some people might never have heard of them - what a shame that would be. And here they are:

1) Colossal - Wolfmother
A band who seems destined for bigness. They've been receiving all the appropriate hype for such a title and have the music to match it. They've been paralleled closely with bands such Black Sabbath but that doesn't necessarily mean you need to like the latter to like the former. They recently released their self-titled album which is very solid indeed. This is one of the many great tracks from it

2) Raised by Wolves - Voxtrot
I picked this up from one of my many music websites. It's not the best song ever written but catchy and listen-worthy none-the-less. I imagine this band will be coming out with good songs in the future

3) Fuck Forever - BabyShambles
I believe Pete Doherty's sound has an acquired taste. At first you find it raw and out of time but once you get used to it you love it - well that's my experience anyway. For those of you who don't know, Babyshambles is headed by Pete Doherty, previously one half of The Libertines. If you like them, you'll like this. If you didn't, well then you obviously didn't give them enough time.

4) Caring Is Creepy - The Shins
This is one of my all-time favourite songs. I have no idea why but I just love it. The same goes for pretty much everything else by this band. They're just awesome. I'm pretty sure they're coming to Australia soon which is an opportunity that should not be missed

5) Frontier Pyschiatrist - The Avalanches
This just about the only sampling/record-scratching song I like. This is because it's so damn clever. The lyrics are hilarious and the music perfect. You will never get sick of this song - it's a classic that EVERYONE should know

The End

This was written November 8, 2005. What? Why?

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jess said...

You're nuts, crazy in the coconuts!

(I love that song!)