Chilly Chimps

What an achievment, I've made it to episode two. This week consisted of agonisingly scrutenising over what the best song of various albums were and then ending up not using most of them. Maybe next week. Anyway here it is, some of the songs are a but strange but overall i think it's good. Songs are as follows:

1) Cigarette Smoke - Arctic Monkeys
I was recently introduced to this band and instantly liked them. They are British (i think) and only been around for a very short time, releasing their second EP days ago. They are very energetic with lots of variety. I have no doubt they will be big one day. This song would be my favourite though there are many other good ones

2) Munich - Editors
I really don't know how to explain this band. I guess you could say they sound a bit 'dark'. Either way it is good music which i have come to appreciate as i listen to more. This song is particularly catchy

3) Emily Kane - Art Brut
"Yes this is my singing voice!" states the singer in the first song of the album. If you listen to this song you'll understand. It's the kind of music that sounds more like talking than singing. Despite this its still good to listen to. Probably aided by lyrics so stupid its funny. This song probably isnt the funniest on the album but it's the best to listen to

4) Complications - The Cants
This band is explosive and i liked every song instantly as the album played through. Admittedly, at the other end of the scale, it probably won't have much longevity but i am yet to get sick of them. As you can imagine they are also great live. This song is great as are most of the songs on their album 'Melbourne Vampires'

5) Walking Away - 67 Special
This is another of the many quality emerging Australian bands which i'm dying to see live. In fact I actually bought this album, something i NEVER do. So maybe including this song is just a way of justifying my money being spent. Or it could be the fact that its a really good song. You decide

There we have it. Another episode done. Keep listening and i'll keep making

This was written October 18, 2005. What? Why?


Anonymous said...

recently heard of the artic monkeys??

wow, thats incredible, their album was huge this time last year. Fastest selling album in UK chart history.

Peter said...

indeed, but if you looked closely, you would see that i wrote that before this time last year, in fact before most people had even heard of the arctic monkeys.....yes, I am proud.

Dave said...

aha! you had me worried there for a moment Peter!

Anonymous said...

Interesting feature!

Anyways, i have a bone to pick with your "before most people had even heard of the arctic monkeys...yes, i am proud" statement.

As you mentioned in your post the Arctic Monkeys released their second single (debut on Domino, whom they signed to a good 4 months before your post) that week and that went straight to number one on the UK singles chart.

They'd been selling out venues for months (not to mention the much talked about Reading & Leeds festival appearances), the buzz on the internet was extreme, to be honest you were actually a bit behind the times!

Peter said...

Yeah I'm willing to admit I was a bit slow, BUT, at the time very few people over here in Australia knew them (radio play and stories of their internet explosion began emerging a couple of weeks later) and though they were selling out venues, they were nowhere near as huge as they would soon become. So if you consider everyone who knows them now and everyone who knew them then, I would say "most" came after me. So I think it's safe to say I still have a little bit to be proud of

Frank Sinatra said...

well played old chap.

fifi said...

Check out the Chilly Chimps at, it might brighten your day!