I'm sad to say that the time has come for me to finish the particular series....For now. It seems you'll have to get high on your own supply of music for a while. But fear not, I'm not plunging you completely into darkness for there is a faint light at the end of tunnel and that light is my next series. So until me now? Anyway back to normal speak, I'm taking a break for a while in order to build up some new songs. Basically the musical world doesn't pump out good music at a rate fast enough for my needs. I seem to be scraping the bottom of the barrel as some of you may have noticed and so need some time to rejuvenate my supplies. I'm pretty impressed that I've only used one or two pre-2000 songs which perfectly suits my next series 'Get With The Times'. This will be done decadely from the 60's on to the 90's. Mostly likely I'll be doing multiple parts for each decade seeing as there was alot of good music going around. But now onto this episode. I'd like to say I have the best songs saved for last but well I don't. I withheld one from last week but that's about it. That being said it's still not bad. There was a few contenders that I had to cut and just minutes ago I realised I forgot to include a song I'd been planning to include. Another day perhaps. Anyway here are the last few eye opening songs I'll be supplying for a while:

1) The Time - British India
This is a band I've come to really like of late. Really electric, remind me a bit of The Cant's. I don't have their album yet but the songs I do have a pretty good. This particular song seems to be in tune with their namesake and in combination with their ugly appearances I can understand where they got it from. For the less intuitive, I was getting at the Indian music used and the fact that the British are ugly. The best thing about their name is that they're Australian

2) Get High On Your Own Supply - Dan Kelly and The Alpha Males
Another Australian band...I think. And another of the increasingly popular high pitched singers (more to come). This song had always been a favourite of mine and I picked it here rather spur of the moment. You like

3) Hazel Eyes - The Darkness
This guy has an incredible voice. An unbelievable voice. And I love it. Of course there's no point having a good voice without good songs to match. And thankfully this band delivers in spades. While this song may not be perfect, parts of it are pure brilliance and therefore worthy of inclusion. By the way this is off the new album which I listened to for the first time ten minutes ago. So far so good

4) Hold Me Now - The Polyphonic Spree
Some people love these guys and everyone else doesn't understand why. This is fair enough because before I saw them live, I thought they were good but nothing spectacular. But live, they are incredible. The main singer not only looks like Jesus but acts like him and you just can't help worshipping him. Meanwhile the other 30 or so band members (who are all dressed in robes by the way) go nuts on their various instruments. It needs to be seen to be believed. Whether you like them or not, SEE THEM LIVE. As anyone who's experienced it would know, Two Thousand Places is probably the best song live, however I think this song suits better here

5) Your Retro Career Melted - The Faint
These guys must be doing something right because this is dance music and I like it. I dunno what it is and why I like this and not others so all I can say is have a listen and see what you think.

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