Open Your Eyes Podcast

This feature involved reusing old material. To find out why, click here.

Back in 2005, podcasts were all the rage and I simply had to get myself one. Armed with nothing but an interest in obscure indie music, a podcasting ‘how to’ guide and the belief that I alone could save the masses from the corrupting influence of commercial radio and the major record labels who were blinding them from a world of excellent music (hence the title: Open Your Eyes), I set about my work. Perhaps this rather self-righteous approach is why nobody took notice.

I decided on a formula where once a week I would play 5 of my favourite new songs and discuss what made each of them so great. This quickly fell apart when I discovered how much I despised the sound of my recorded voice and so my descriptions became restricted to the written word. By this point my ‘podcast’ wasn’t really a podcast at all, just 5 mp3s inconveniently clumped together.

It’s actually quite interesting to see how my writing evolved over the course of this project, with descriptions going from one short sentence to overblown mini-essays. Many stupid things were said, but overall I must say I am proud of the end result. My opinions have changed in many areas and there are definitely a couple of statements I wouldn’t mind taking back, but just for the fun of it, I’ll be posting everything in its original form. Feel free to laugh at me, I know I will be.

Episode 1 - Welcome Listener(s)
Episode 2 - Chilly Chimps
Episode 3 - She Says
Episode 4 - Big Cop Out
Episode 5 - Freakin' Wolf References
Episode 6 - Indie Kids United
Episode 7 - Reprezent
Episode 8 - The Exceptional
Episode 9 - TBA
Episode 10 - Fin

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