How apathetic I'm becoming. I couldn't even be bothered thinking of a witty name this week. As the name suggests, I may think of something later and fill it in. But for now you have only the music to keep you happy, this music:

1) You Only Live Once - The Strokes
I actually think this is song is being played on the radio now so the fact that I have the whole album is negated. Yes, I have this album one month before it's release. The internet is sweet. Overall I think it's good, it definitely deviates from their formula a bit but then again it's still got the stuff you love. If you like them of course. Anyway, despite their knownness I just couldn't help featuring them. It most definitely comes under the 'new category'

2) Black - Okkervil River
Another band that's come to my ears on recommendation from the internet. Overall I think they quite good. Apparently this album was really big but I never heard of so who knows. This song is a nice ring to it.

3) What a Wonderful Man - My Morning Jacket
Short and catchy. The unbeatable formula for a song. Well maybe not quite but very often these songs are the best. Music good enough to take your fancy and short enough for you not to sick of it. Yet another band I'd heard nothing about in general life but again it seemed to get high accolades. I'm yet to really listen to it in depth but only time will prove it's worth

4) Sister Saviour - The Rapture
This song is straight out of my back catalogue of favourites. This album was released last year so is relatively new however I'm yet to meet many people who know these guys (not including the those who heard of them from me) and so they deserve to be hear. Their style is rather unique/weird which is often a good thing. This particular song is a bit less eccentric than the norm and so hopefully be appreciated by a wider audience.

5) It'5 - Architecture in Helsinki
Talking of weird bands this is very much one. 8 people singing upbeat poppy songs. I imagine they'd be more than entertaining on stage. On hearing them I originally went and got their first album which personally I found uninspiring. Thankfully their second album, which this is off, is much better and well worth a listen

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