I AM TAKING A MONTH OFF. Yes, you heard right, over the course of March, I won’t be posting any new material. Pretending to be knowledgeable can be quite tiring and it’s about time I took a break. But don’t think I’m going to be throwing away my near-perfect record of bringing you music-related ramblings on time, every time. Throughout this month I will actually be posting once a day (yes, that’s more than usual!), however all the material will recycled from previous material of mine. So in the end everyone wins; I no longer have to think and you get copious amounts of useless information, coupled by copious amounts of slightly more useful mp3s. The month will unfold as follows:

Open Your Eyes Podcast

1) Welcome Listener(s)
2) Chilly Chimps
3) She Says
4) Big Cop Out
5) Freakin' Wolf References
6) Indie Kids United
7) Reprezent
8) The Exceptional
9) TBA
10) Fin

Get With The Times

11) Bigger Better Boy Bands BEATLES
12) Rebellious Punks
13) The Dark Ages
14) Second Coming
15) Mass Murderers
16) Rock AND Roll
17) Definitive Compilations
18) Legendary Weirdos
19) 24 Hour Party People
20) Made In Australia
21) Catalysts For Collection
22) Of Forest Fame
23) Tough As Nuts
24) The Serious Performers
25) Heavyweights
26) Festival of Talent
27) Unloved Gold
28) Abstract Happiness
29) Early Bloomers
30) Second-Hand Talent
31) Good Riddiance


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