The Exceptional

This week's unintentional theme seems to be good songs off bad albums. Being an album person rather than a song person, I tend to use bands I like in general and then feature one of their songs here. However a few of the songs in today's episode I really don't like the album they're off. Also this week I've delved back into the unknown a bit. Whereas the last couple of weeks I've been name dropping from my back-catalogue, this week features songs that haven't yet passed the test of time. So don’t complain if you don't like them. My whole purpose is to present music you MAY like, and you MAY like these:

1) So much for the Afterglow - Everclear
By the way none of the above applies to this song. I have known Everclear for a long time and this song has been a favourite for a while. However they are in no way a well known band. This song is really nice ranging from its Beach Boys intro to a more rocky body

2) Baby - The Drones
I ALMOST forgot to put in a local track and oh what a tragedy that would have been. While their album may have one or two other good songs, for the most of it, it just seems to be going nowhere. I really don't like that kind of music, which is probably why I'm not the biggest Mars Volta fan. I'm more into the standard song structures, making THIS song perfect

3) America's Boy - Broadcast
This song and the rest of this album passed me by as rather ordinary. I gave it a shot, but didn't really like and so it was destined for the archives. However listening to a mix I got from somewhere this song appeared and it made me realise that it was actually a pretty good song. So if it doesn't hit you right way, give it time. Best listened to whilst in a trance

4) Circle Square Triangle - Test Icicles
For me, screaming in songs is a touchy subject. There is a fine line where it goes from perfectly acceptable to downright painful. Unfortunately for this band they cross the line way too often. On top of this their name is just a worse version of an already-done pun. I won't even begin to mention the playstation references in songs names.... But with so much going against them, I could not let this song pass by because when examined on its own merits, it's actually quite good.

5) It's Not the Only Way to Feel Happy - Field Music
While this band may be a hybrid of Futureheads and Kaiser Chiefs, they sound nothing like them. They're fast paced style has put aside in favour of a more harmonious one. Though this song is probably at the extreme of their softness, it's not far from the norm. Either way this is the most soothing song I’ve heard in ages, whether that’s good or bad is up to you.

This was written November 30, 2005. What? Why?


sway said...

for being such a critic and a cynic, you manage to conjure up the hippest up and coming 'it' LA band ala test icicles and bash the bajezus out of it, yet FEATURE it on your blog? hypocrite or elietist i cant decide.
open YOUR eyes.

Peter said...

There's so much wrong with your comment, I don't know when to begin. Firstly, it would be pretty hard for me to bash the bajezus out of them without actually featuring them...secondly, as far as I'm aware, liking a song but not the band hardly qualifies as hypocritical...and finally, how can the Test Icicles be an up and coming 'it' band WHEN THEY'RE DEAD!?

stuey said...

Chill children. Its true they are dead. But damn they were awesome! C'mon lets all have a sandwich ;)

sway said...

Since when does a band have to be 'alive' to gather a mass appeal?
I was simply commenting on your elitist intonation
yeah the snide remark at the end was probably unnecessary...

so whats next? whitey and sebastiAn remixes? :/

Peter said...

Sure you can still gather mass appeal when you've disbanded, but to call them "up and coming" is kinda silly. Stuey I agree. Where's the love? Or more importantly, where's the giant platter of fairy bread?

hello said...

Peachy causing controversy! Oh Noes!! :-0