Indie Kids United

I'm beginning to run out of REALLY unknown bands so I'm now delving into the semi-known bands. You may or may not have heard of them but either way you should like them. This week especially, features a few big (in my opinion) "Indie" (whatever it is this genre includes these days) names. Now if you think that sentence had poor structure you are correct. But enough said, on to the songs:

1) Lapse in Conversation - Neon
This song fills my weekly local content quota. It is a good song however I wouldn't be surprised if no one particularly likes it. Neon really don't have any AAA songs but to make up for this, their album contains 12 AA songs. So while they may not be suited for this particular format, they make some quality music which definitely deserves a listen to.

2) The Jessica Numbers - The New Pornographers
I assume their name is some sort of reference to the fact they are selling themselves in some way when they make they're music but I really have no idea. This band, despite not liking it, is often referred to as a 'supergroup' seeing as all 7 members have come from other known (to Canadians) bands and joined together. I personally listened to them cause I knew the main guy, A.C. Newman. Again this song is featured more because I like the band then because I like the song. But that doesn't mean its not good.

3) I Love You Cause I Have To - Dogs Die In Hot Cars
Speaking of names.......Can you get any worse? I realize that by now every 'The *' must have been taken, but some bands don't know what's good for them. However this song makes up for it. It's energetic, up beat and great to yell to..(not that I'd do such a thing) so listen!

4) Neighbourhood #2 (Laika) - Arcade Fire
This band received a lot of hype in the 'learned' music community however they never made big in the real world. While this may be good seeing as for most bands going mainstream means going gay, I still would have thought more people would know them. Perhaps their music is such that only a few people like it. Anyway who cares? This song has always been my favourite of theirs - before I even knew who 'they' were.

5) Wrapped up in Books - Belle & Sebastian
Every so often, a band comes along which I become completely obsessed with. I have an urge to become acquainted with every one of their songs. Maybe not that extreme but I listen to them a lot. Millencolin was one, so too Oasis and most recently (as in last year) it was Belle & Sebastian. I would have to describe their music as heavenly- a pleasure to listen to - well for about half of it - the rest is awful. I could have used "Step into my Office, Baby" but that's rather known plus I couldn't find it. I contemplated using "I'm a Cuckoo" but it was too long and it skips. And so, by destiny it seems, I have used "Wrapped up in Books" one of my many favourite songs.

I no longer see a need to conclude....

This was written November 15, 2005. What? Why?


Jeff said...

"Jessica Numbers" is one of my favorite NP songs. Good call!

Anonymous said...

Please put Belle's Books back up!!