Rebellious Punks (70's)

The first 1970's installment, largely featuring the late-seventies punk movement. I probably should have done the earlier stuff that this replaced first but I know this a lot better. Like so many other genres it seems, punk was actually good back then. The explosion of dissatisfaction spawned this trend of simple but catchy music. It took the youths by storm and left little room for other styles of music. Here are some of the intergral players in this anti-establishment movement, showcasing a variety of types of punk-rock. Unfortunately, this is one of those movements which happened between two decades so my song choice is rather limited....

1) Blitzkreig Bop - The Ramones
These guys are often credited with kicking things off. They were just about the only US band in predominately UK movement however it was they who inspired the rest. Their songs were stripped-down and straightforward both musically and lyrically however are still great to listen to. They remain popular and influential to this day. My favourite song of theirs is actually 'Howling at the moon' however that's an 80s song

2) Do The Dog - The Specials
These guys fused the energy of the punk-scene with a mix of orchestral and reggae sounds to give a new face to ska music. Their seven-man, instrument-filled band is similar to many of the ska bands today. Their message was more of social unity, rather than anarchy

3) Anarchy in the UK - Sex Pistols
Despite such a short existence, the Sex Pistols were one of the UK's most influential punk bands. They exploded onto the scene, calling for anarchy and destruction. They were notorious from the start with record stores banning them on account of their name. However this didn't stop them from reaching the public and fuelling the social unrest of the time. Their angry yet accessible music is some of the best

4) Train In Vain - The Clash
The Clash were another band to incorporate elements or reggae into punk-rock with great success. Lyrically, they were more sophisticated and political than other punk bands, which helped distinguish them. They also had more musical skill than others, releasing a number of hit songs in a variety of styles. Choosing a song for them was hard as not only did they have many great 80's songs but there was also a lot to choose from in this decade

5) Love Will Tear Us Apart - Joy Division
Don't be fooled by their name, this band was one of the darkest of the era. The name 'Joy Division' is actually taken from a rumoured group of underage Jewish woman used in sexual slavery by the Nazis. Whilst this song was technically released in 1980 it was a favourite of their 1979 live shows and was first recorded in November and therefore I call it 1970s. Some perceive the lyrics to represent his failing marriage and frame of mind leading up to suicide in mid 1980. Regardless, it's peaceful and melodic style make it great song, justly receiving many accolades over the years.

This was written December 29, 2005. What? Why?


Milllsie said...

The Clash's finest moment (and that's saying something!). well chosen.

Kiley said...

Although I'm a newbie Clash fan, I'm kinda puzzled at the choice of 'Train In Vain'. It's a great pop song, but how about for something that was really rebellious at the time like 'White Riot'?

Anonymous said...

"Punk" seems to mean everything from the 70's. The Specials? Punk? I think not. Ska revival, yes. But punk no. And you seem to be missing Iggy Pop in your quest to hand The Ramones the US tag of first punk band. They were just rock really. It's just that rock at the time was something very different.
Thanks all the same for posting these tracks.

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