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Here is episode 1 of "Open your eyes". It doesn't have as much variety as i would have liked but it will do for the first episode and hopefully there's something here you'll like. If not, don't be put off, it may just be a bad week. Each song is introduced by me despite the fact i can't stand my recorded voice and you probably can't understand it. They are also very crudely put together so may not sound too good but hopefully once i become aquainted with the technology things will sound alot nicer. The songs are as follows:

1) Hey Kid - Red Riders
Red Riders are a fairly new Australian band who i am liking more and more each day. They are yet to release an LP however this is off their second EP 'Plan A'. They sound good on record but sound even better live.

2) We Built Another World - Wolf Parade
This is a canadian band who has been receiving alot of hype due to the fact that they share a member with Arcade Fire and their album, "Apologies To The Queen Mary" was produced by the man behind Modest Mouse. It is indeed a good album and i had a bit of trouble picking just one song to put here. However i felt this was the most "single-like"

3) Oi Frango - Super Furry Animals
This is a nice little instrumental with the only two words being "oi frango!". I find it very funny and enjoyable to listen to so i included it. It is definitely different to the rest of the Super Furry Animal's music which i find to be alright.

4) Is This Love - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
This band has stupidest name, however make some addictively good music. It's of a whiney/slurred nature however its good to yell to. Again i had trouble picking just one song.

5) Soul Meets Body - Death Cab For Cutie
This is an extremely good song off Death Cab For Cutie's new album 'plans'. It is on par with their best older stuff and it perfectly represents their style

Hopefully you enjoyed this and my time and effort weren't wasted. Stay tuned for more hot stuff from my great big list of recommendations...........in next weeks installment!

This was written October 11, 2005. What? Why?


Peter said...

....yes....all the hype around Wolf Parade had nothing to do with their actual music......

Frank Sinatra said...

im enjoying the comedic twists added to your site.

Anonymous said...

Red Riders have already released a LP, entitled "Replica Replica". Awesome album.

Frank Sinatra said...

does noone read your posts??