Big Cop Out

This Episode is to celebrate the stupidly fast sell-out of Big Day Out and is designed to make those who got tickets feel good about themselves and those who didn't cry. It's also the first time I've delved into area of 'specials' - in other words 'easy way outs' for me. It contains songs by the bands I recommend from the first announcement. I decided not to use The White Stripes or Franz Ferdinand because they're pretty well known already and I think everyone has they're minds made up whether they'll see them or not. And so here they are:

1) Red Morning Light - Kings of Leon
Tragically I missed this band along with countless others at the 04 BDO. I paid for my ignorance. This year I will not make the same mistake. They are yet another band with a singer who sings in an indecipherable voice but I'd have to say this a positive point. Their style is probably best defined as 'southern rock' and with many great songs should not be missed

2) Long Legs - The Magic Numbers
This band has some catchy music which is why I’ll probably go see them. I included them here in order to provide a variety of styles and accommodate for varying tastes. Their music is very poppy and I’d probably classify them as 'happy music'. The problem with this kind of music is that while it might sound good on record, it could translate to a rather mediocre live show. But then if Polyphonic Spree is anything to go by, I could be proved other words check them out and decide for yourself

3) I Wanna Be Your Dog - Iggy Pop
I'm definitely looking forward to old man Iggy. Most likely I'll sit in the stands and appreciate his good music rather than go into the mosh. This song is one of his earlier songs and my favourite however overall I think his mid-to-late period was his best (if that makes sense). The bigness of his name warrants you watch him, even if you're not his biggest fan (provided there’s nothing better of course)

4) Blood On The Microphone Pt. 1 - Gerling
For a long time I knew of Gerling but never really listened to their stuff. However I saw them live recently and it was electric. I'm still not their biggest fan but will probably go see them just because their live shows are so good. This isn't to say they have no good music; this song shows that that's not the case. They have a rather odd sound, in one of their songs they hint at being a cross between punk-rock and house-dance, which I think is a pretty good description

5) Monday - The Living End
Yes this is The Living End and yes I’m admitting to liking them. I think it's a shame that they're liked by so many little kids (I was one of them) 'cause it turns so many people (I was one of them) off a rather good band. But the truth is they have heaps of good songs, one of the best guitarists and do a great show (partly because they have a double bass player who stands on it and plays solos). So do yourself a favour and see them. Alright?

I hope I haven't made those without tickets jealous - actually that’s a blatant lie. For those who have no idea what Big Day Out is, it's basically Australia's only 'worth-mentioning', annual, international-act-featuring music festival . Enjoy this week’s episode and hang out for next week where I’ll actually have to put some effort into choosing the bands, let alone the songs.

This was written November 1, 2005. What? Why?

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