This week features bands all from different countries. Nothing particularly special about this, I just noticed it as I was picking. Positive aspects of globalisation such as this far outweigh the slave labourers. It really only features us, United Kingdom and North America but come to think of it there isn't too many more predominately English speaking, quality music producing countries out there.....

1) Are you the one? - The Presets
These guys are Aussie electro-dance-rockers who are apparently really good live. Listening to their album I found myself disappointed for most of it. But that isn't to say there isn't good song here....Like this one for example. It's great vibe means I shall definitely be checking these guys out

2) With You - The Subways
Look! Yet another band attending BDO 2006. In fact before the last announcement I hadn't heard of this band. However I promptly checked them and they're not bad. I dunno whether this is good or bad but all the songs sound like other bands. It may be unoriginal but it also means variety. Being Brit-Pop, there's unsurprisingly some Oasis tinge on some and ,rather oddly, one very Mess Hall sounding song. The rest I'm yet to pinpoint. Either way I like this song as well as a few others on their album

3) Whatever Happened to Corey Haim? - The Thrills
More happy music - Irish style. If you've never listened to them you should definitely give them a listen. Er this description seems short. What should I write to lengthen it? Yeah that'll do

4) Combat Baby - Metric
Canadians are taking over the world. I featured two last week (arcade fire, new pornographers)and now another today, plus theres many many more (broken social scene, hot hot heat, unicorns). Perhaps they've finally worked things out and are putting their surface area to use. Maybe we'll be next. Anyway this band isn't quite as big as some of the aforementioned and haven't really listened to them much but they sound not bad. This song was the stand-out.

5) Buddy Holly - Weezer
Weezer have deteriorated like no other band. From their awesome first album, to their good second,................And finally to their 5th and most recent album which got reviews of 0.1 out of 10. But rather than looking to the future we should dwell on the past. If you like this song, you'll love their first album. It's a mix of great tunes and stupid lyrics. Thumbs up!

This was written November 22, 2005. What? Why?


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